Here are “Frequently Asked Questions” that we encounter most…

Q. Why should I choose AA Windward Dental Group?

A. There are three reasons  why you seek dental services from Non Participating Dentist.

1.  Save Money

Participating dentists have agreed to accept a Higher rate (eligible fee) as payment in full for services to members.  Non-participating dentist can charge you any amount but at AA Windward Dental, we accept lowest Non Par fees in order for you to save.

FOR EXAMPLE PURPOSES ONLY Retail Amount for Services Participating Discounted/Eligible Fee Non-Participating Eligible Fee Benefit Pays Member Owes

Non-Participating Dentist






Participating Dentist






At AA Windward Dental Group, you save approximately $8-$20 on a $150 charge.

2.   Lowest Co Pay

Because patient pays dentist directly, we can save you Large amounts.  Some plans pay no co-payment.  We avoid unnecessary paper work and insurance delays resulting in Huge savings for you.

3.  AA Windward Dental Group Credentials

AA Windward Dental Group are members of ADA (American Dental Association) & HDA (Hawaii Dental Association) and licensed in hawaii.  AA Windward Dental Group has ongoing credential programs & audits for fraud and abuse.
Q: I am a State of Hawaii government worker with 60% dental benefits. My old dentist told me that I need a bridge. How much would I be saving?

A: Depending on your plan you may be able to take advantage of our non par fees. This would mean a savings of $150 per crown or a huge savings of $450 for a simple 3 unit bridge.

Q: I was told that your clinic is non participating with my plan can I still be seen by you and will you process my forms?

A: Yes, we can see anyone at our clinic and always happy to have a new patient. Being non par only means lower fees to you and we will process all your forms and make sure you maximize your benefits during these hard economic times.

Q: I am afraid of the dentist. Can I be sedated for my dental work?

A: We are expert in providing pain free dental work. Our staff is caring and friendly. We offer NO2/laughing gas and sedatives if needed. We also can deliver laser dentistry for some smaller invisible fillings procedures.

Q. Are there other reasons I should choose AA Windward Dental Group?

A. A few other things to consider are, ontime, fast, friendly, efficient, low cost, painless and modern technology.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located centrally in Kaneohe Town.  For

more info click here.

Q. Will I feel any pain?

A. We use Modern Technology to eliminate any discomfort, guaranteed!

Q. Is AA Windward Dental Group, LLC a participating provider?

A. Yes, we are both.  In order to give the lowest fees to you, some plans are non-participating.  By being non-participating, we can legally discount your fee and co-payment costs.

*Participating dentist are not allowed to discount co-payments!

Q. Can I use my Air Miles credit card to pay for services in advanced and still get my insurance reimbursement check sent to me?

A. Yes.  At AA Windward Dental Group, we accept VISA & Master Card.  Your insurance check will be mailed to you within 2 weeks.